Art Deco

Art Deco Antiques - Avoid Getting a FakeWhen you notice an marketing on the web for Art Deco antiques, you should bear in mind and keep three common rules in mind.1.Sounds too nice to be true? It is.2.You will get precisely what it is you shell out for.3.Purchaser Warning! Become an active consumer!For example look at an illustration of how to [...]

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Buy Quality Art Supplies Online

If you are an artist, you are well aware of the fact that art supply shops in the malls and shopping centers are very expensive. The prices in these stores are so high [...]

Is Crochet An Art?

Attempts to answer the basic question "What is art?" have left the ancient study of aesthetics unfinished, open ended. Why, then, should we complicate things by asking, [...]

Employment Law – New Legislation – Age Discrimination and Maternity

On 9th March 2006, the government in the UK published the final draft of one of the most important pieces of  employment  legislation since the 1970s. This [...]

Employment – Your Contract of Employment

A contract of  employment  is an agreement between an employer and an employee. This contract states your rights and duties as an employee as well as the [...]

Employment at Will – What Does it Mean?

When you are applying for jobs, you may have come across a phrase called employed at will. This phrase can confuse or perplex an employee. Also, job applicants get even [...]

Employment Law – Important Developments in a Changing Economy

In the current economic climate, continued  employment  and  employment  relationships are more critical than ever. Loyal and productive employees [...]

Lowes Employment

Lowes employment opportunities go beyond the store employees that provide the initial perception people have of the company. Lowes is ranked number 47 on the Fortune [...]

The New Advertising!

Shoppers' Voice provides strong, accountable (New) advertising, Marketing leadership in driving business success has never been in more demand, however they desperately [...]

Basic Factors That Effect Radio Advertising Costs

One way that advertisers attempt to branch out to reach the widest audience is through radio  advertising , which is why it's necessary for advertisers to [...]

Advertising – How to Succeed

BackgroundUsing skillful means, the creativity in advertising is able to encourage potential customers to purchase the product or service which is at the centre of the [...]